The Human Joke-nome Project: decoding humor in order to discover new philosophies to deride

What is Humor Doing?! 

Comedic theory remains unexplored because comedians are too stupid for theory and too clever to bore people. Also, philosophers and anthropologists and much of elite culture pretend to disdain the truly funny. They prefer to smirk.

Humor is multi-stranded philosophy. Well, some of it is. Multi-stranded vs. single-stranded is an important sociological distinction that everyone needs to learn starting now. And like all educated distinctions, it is best illustrated with a buffoonish caricature of reality called “the example”:  for the latter, picture a businessman engaging in a transaction where the only concern is numerical profit; for the former, picture a tribesman from 5000 years ago with a sudden surplus of a commodity (meat, flint, red ochre, shell, whatever) surrounded by friends and relatives to whom he owes favors and obligations.

Western science and philosophy aspires toward single-stranded clarity. Art and culture, which includes humor whether they like it or not and they don’t, is persistently multi-stranded. “Single-stranded culture” probably does not exist outside of porn, the least realistic genre since the fairy tale; both remain incredibly popular, however.

So anyway, if humor is multi-stranded philosophy, by decoding all the really good humor (mine), we should be able to decode reality (yours), just like the human genome project decoded us by decoding him, that famous guy.

Therefore, we must first get my humor out there before any decoding can take place.

Bottom line:   it’s 5 cents for non-profound smirks, 10 cents for smirks with profundity, and 50 cents per genuine laugh. Very reasonable rates compared to Ted Danson. Just leave it in a candy wrapper in front of your lawn and we’ll come by and pick it up late at night in a white van with Sacred Geometry on the panels—don’t miss it or it won’t miss you! where period does not mean period and I mean period.

PW =  high-brow for the low-brow, low-brow for the high-brow, and just plain brow for the boring middle where I like to chill sometimes cuz it’s fun and it’s where I’m from

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