Forget Legalize It–Nullify It!

I was in a jury pool for a bullshit marijuana charge (“less than 25 pounds”–phaa!) here in conservative Brevard County Florida last year–and they almost couldn’t pull together a jury!

Over half the people in the jury pool with me had smoked. True, I was probably the only one who did so in the parking lot of the Courthouse. But none of them thought the law as it stood was just. Even the dude next to me with a Glenn Beck book had smoked, knew smokers, and thought the law was stupid.

Judge Wahn asked the jury pool if anyone would be likely to nullify the law.  Is that legal–to screen the jury pool for potential nullifiers?  Next time I won’t speak up–I’m just gonna nullify!

Jury nullification is a proud part of Anglo-American law–when legistlators prove lame (they always do) then the law has to be changed out in the streets and in the Courts. Congresses and Parliaments are just the ornaments of democracy, not its engines–the real work is always done elsewhere, among people who are not so fucking lame and corrupt.


If you’re busted, take it to a jury trial–the system is buckling and about to break! And I’m talking about right-wing Florida–if you’re busted in a liberal area like the Northeast, DEFINITELY take it to a jury.

And if you’re on jury, nullify it!

And be sneaky if the judge asks you in advance if you might nullify….

[Operation OJ–Overwhelm the Judiciary]