Sick Tasteless Gun Control Jokes

Gabby Giffords is forming an anti-gun advocacy group. I hope no one tries to shoot down her arguments.

Already her critics are taking aim:

“If Gabby had been packing some heat she could have sprayed a few bullets back. And if everyone had been armed, everyone could have sprayed bullets in Loughner’s general direction. Now that’s safety!”

To paraphrase Tennessee Williams, we all depend upon the kindness of strangers with guns.

Therefore, the more strangers with guns, the more kindness 🙂

Speaking of kindness, among the numerous boxes of toys sent to Newtown Connecticut, did anyone send any toy guns?

Why not? If what the NRA says is true, it shouldn’t be in bad taste at all.

“No son, this is a toy replica of the gun that killed the gunman. This is a good-guy gun.”


Bazooka Control Does Not Work

If you outlaw bazookas, only outlaws will have bazookas.

Bazookas don’t kill–people do. People with bazookas just kill more.

But Bazooka Control does not work–studies have shown that cities which outlaw bazookas are no safer than this one place in Idaho where everyone walks around with them.

The only thing that stops a bad guy with a bazooka is a good guy with two bazookas.

If society ever falls apart you’ll be glad your neighbor has a bazooka.

But if you let the government take your bazookas by voting for Bazooka Control, they’ll come for your 50-caliber machine guns next.

And then your grenades.

And then your plastic explosives.

There’s no limit, unless we stand firm and say: You’ll have to pry my bazooka out of my cold dead hands!