Benedict Trump and Other Memes

Some Seinfeld – Trump memes and photo cartoons:16864101_1371829822882926_5460123962855282971_n17098475_1373935572672351_9072568734056154981_n17190757_1385359221529986_3291247555852593072_n17022293_1378968482169060_7936999156406108144_nseinfeld-condo

Some non-Seinfeld Trump memes. As above, all original content.

BORISnatasha17265129_1380881501977758_8085718954448333995_n17191023_1377610922304816_8901524094411441381_nenviroembarrassment_in-chiefwiretap17239893_1380120465387195_1577118816504292270_oNot crazy at all


CPAC Under Trump =

CPAC under Trump =
Compromised Principles Action Committee
Credulous Patsies of an American Conman
Caucasian People Against Coexistence
Corrupt Political Allies of Cretinism
Committee to Protect Aryan Consciousness
Craven Pawns of the Angry Crazy-man
Committee to Pervert America’s Constitution
Crackpots Posing As Conservatives
Christians Praising the Anti-Christ
Cowardly Practitioners of Absolute Corruption
The Brownshirts.

Trump is a True Floridian Because…

–He dominates every news cycle with stupid outlandish crap

–His wealth has not purchased any class

–He’s fun to check in on but you wouldn’t want to be there for four straight years

–Hyperbolic self-promotion is a cornerstone of his success

–He’s actually from New York

–Bad hair, bad tan, bad hat, bad grammar, bad diction, can’t focus on anything too long

–He was a Democrat, he’s a Republican, he flirted with Independent, he doesn’t fucking know

–He believes The National Enquirer and is often featured in it

–He hates foreigners and is dependent upon them

–His kids have to take care of him and clean up his mess