Chuck Hagel Jokes

Apparently the Israel Lobby is so powerful you’re not even allowed to refer to it–kind of like the NSA and Area 51 back in the 1950’s and 60’s. Wait was that aloud?

Hagel’s frictions with the foreign country called Israel and its foreign self-interests disqualifies him as Secretary of Defense. He should be Secretary of State instead. Fuck Kerry. He can go “report for duty” at DOD.

Hagel made the outrageous claim that senators and congressmen are scared shitless of the Israel lobby. It’s such an outrageous statement that the Israel lobby now has no choice but to demonstrate how it’s true.

Hagel’s big mistake: the vast majority of the Israel lobby are in fact Jewish but the majority of Jews don’t actually support it.

Didn’t Karl Marx draw inspiration from Hegel? The last thing DOD needs is some dialectical humanism bullshit. We’re confused enough as it is. What’s this button for?