Indulgences for Dead Ideas Now 30% Off! Hurry before YOUR Ideas Die Too!

When a number dies, does its soul go to Infinity?
“This tree needs to lose weight,” she said,
pointing to an unsightly bulge in its trunk.
“Look, you’ve embarrassed it,” I replied,
“all its leaves are turning red.”

Now before I was interrupted by her inanity–
There is a Heaven for dead truths,
for ideas which lived nobly and valiantly
before their cruel disproofs.
A blissful paradise governed by animism and geocentrism,
a little racist perhaps, but full of its own quaint wisdom.

But woe to their siblings in Purgatory!
Ideas lurking on the edges of modernity,
like ghosts, forever hoping to regain relevance,
like ghosts, forever frustrated by hard cold evidence.

(c) 2012 Alan Brech