T2: The Meaning of Time

From the lawn chair of enlightenment
in the suburban yard of the Strip-Mall Oracle
came the wisdom of the moment,
cogent, clear, and marketable:

“As depth is perpendicular to length and height
so too time is at right angles to everything in sight.
Beyond time, what is perpendicular to it?
Meaning, truth, and the goodness that comes through it.”

After a few digressions concerning money and stock picks
–since it only speaks when asked of something–
the Oracle resumed its discourse on more lofty topics:

“[unintelligible]… to exceed one’s dimension is the object,
to grow beyond Time is the crown,
thus meaning can only be attained and never just found…

“And to you I say the Mets look good this year,
but then that’s always true until mid-summer draws near.
And to you, I say leave that bitch,
she slept with one of your friends–you’re better not knowing which…”

A few hours later, after countless mundane truths
–a woman’s computer problems were not only intricate,
but the solutions very hard to fit into a rhyme–
the Oracle spoke once again to those seeking sooth:

“…the higher dimensions do not discard the lower,
nor do they replace them, no, they remain dependent,
though not all information from below is equally ascendant.

“Just as time cannot, in three dimensions, become static,
so too must the meaning of time–
the time of time, time squared–
forever remain elastic.

“Now, about those mortgage rates…”

Indulgences for Dead Ideas Now 30% Off! Hurry before YOUR Ideas Die Too!

When a number dies, does its soul go to Infinity?
“This tree needs to lose weight,” she said,
pointing to an unsightly bulge in its trunk.
“Look, you’ve embarrassed it,” I replied,
“all its leaves are turning red.”

Now before I was interrupted by her inanity–
There is a Heaven for dead truths,
for ideas which lived nobly and valiantly
before their cruel disproofs.
A blissful paradise governed by animism and geocentrism,
a little racist perhaps, but full of its own quaint wisdom.

But woe to their siblings in Purgatory!
Ideas lurking on the edges of modernity,
like ghosts, forever hoping to regain relevance,
like ghosts, forever frustrated by hard cold evidence.

(c) 2012 Alan Brech