Can you spot the endangered species?

Bipedal pedestrian traffic on Wild Rose Drive, Palm Bay

Sandhill Cranes and Ibis Palm Bay FL

Sandhill Cranes and Ibis Palm Bay FL (Wild Rose Drive)

Alan Brech Joke explained: see the Sandhill Cranes (A) are out in the middle of the street in a disorganized group ready to get hit by cars; and there’s no crane food in the road anyway so wtf? whereas the Ibis (B) are in a tight little group eating bugs galore and not out in the street. Given that, which one is endangered? Moral of the joke (jokes have morals too, they’re just sick): some of these endangered species are stupid fucks.

Quiz of Doom for the Day:

Is this a picture of Joaquin Phoenix made to look like a vintage photo, or is it an old photo of Pope John Paul II looking fabulous? Or is it just Morrissey shopping? Or none of the above?

As usual, there is no reward for getting things right, just doom for incorrect answers. Mild doom at least. Good chance of at least some mild doom.