When I was at the University of Florida back in the 1984 the College Republicans would put “KGB-Approved” stickers on pro-Mondale bulletin board posts. Well, here’s your shit coming right back at you with infinitely more factual justification:


And yeah, I know they’re now  called the  FSB but KGB sounds better and they haven’t changed.

Plus a few more memes by me:




The above pic has been enhanced, I believe, but I know for a fact that this one has not:





2 thoughts on “KGB-Approved

  1. Fat ass comments: 100% of the ass comments will be proven correct. Autopsy doctor will confirm a Glutimous Maximus and surrounding fat tissue of epic J-Lo proportions rarely seen in non-transitioning men.
    As for Russia hacks/blackmail/money, 93.7% will be proven true. Timing? See more recent post above. Thanks for your interest. Love me some Someone!

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