Great Moments in Speculative History

Secret Emergency Conclave of the Elites c. January 2017:

Democratic Elite: We’ve got Trump dead-to-rights on the Russia hack, Russian blackmail, and Russian money, but we need you, the Republican Elite, to go along with redressing the wrongs. You know, for the good of the country.

Republican Elite: Ok, but what’s in it for us? What can you give us?

[Back-and-forth colloquy. Summary: Republican Elite agrees it’s for the good of the country but that the Republicans deserve political compensation for the inevitable losses they face after the shit hits the fan, and that a crippled Mike Pence presidency is not enough.]

Democratic Elite: Look, we’ll delay the hammer-drop on Trump for a few months to give you time to enact a first-year agenda, if you can. And you get Pence.

Republican Elite: Deal!

2 thoughts on “Great Moments in Speculative History

  1. What hammer drop? The Democrats have no hammer. Even if they manage to get their hands on some evidence against Trump, the Republicans control Congress, intelligence agencies (via Trump appointees), and soon the Supreme Court. No, Trump can offer a much better deal to the Republicans than the Democrats.
    Only if we get a crystal clear video of Trump taking a bribe from Putin, only then we might – might – see some wheels turning.

  2. Public release of information is all the hammer you need nowadays. The question is one of manner and timing and deployment. The blog post is about how the “Adults-In-The-Room” (or “evil elites” depending on your view or mood) might manage the inevitable public acknowledgement of Trump’s guilt. What you’re seeing right now is a progression of significant CRACKS in the poorly-built Trump wall of support–first McCain and Graham, now D. Issa–are on board for the demolition of Trump’s evil edifice. Later on you will see a proliferation of more cracks–junior congressmen, etc.–and then c. this summer all the info comes out. If there is no independent commission or prosecutor by the end of the summer, the Intel Community will make sure it gets out. The Republicans also might want the inevitable news-info to come out PRIOR to the elections of 2018.

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