Stealing Our Points of View

Body cams for cops? Of course!

And then it’s body cams for teachers, body cams for security guards, and wrist cams for surgeons.

Soon every company will want body cams on its employees. And then the stockholders will want body cams on management. “Why are we paying them so much anyway?”

All our vehicles, even bicycles, will be fully cammed. Not protecting your child with a body cam will be considered negligence if not abuse.

Life will be one big non-selfie.

Our very points of view will be accessible by government or management. It will no longer be ours.

(Granted, most people have stupid points of view anyway, but hey, you gotta have some personality!)

We will all become walking Big Brother cams.

The Luckiest Generation is that which grows up during the flowering of technology right before it outgrows us.

To this generation I say “You lucky bastards!”

To the next generation I say “You poor fucking saps…”

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