Interview with a Sniper

Q:  Is killing bad?

Q:  Which of your kills is your favorite?

Q:  Which kill are you most proud of? Which kill are you most likely to tell your grandchildren about?

Q:  Is it true that if you’re lucky in combat then you’re basically a dead man walking back in the civilian world? (You know, Chris Kyle, Ira Hayes, etc.)

Q:  Isn’t it true that the military will soon be deploying robotic snipers?

Q:  And when robotic snipers take the place of human trigger-pullers, will the computer jockeys who remotely operate these robo-snipers be heroes?

Q:  Will it take a special breed of people to remotely operate these robo-snipers?

Q:  And if, in the near future, these joystick killers operating from their office are not particularly special nor heroic, why are you? It’s the same job, right?

A:  Because snipers get shot at. Drone operators don’t.

Q:  Good point! So it’s really getting shot at that makes one heroic, not the shooting?

A:  I think it’s the combination of performing a difficult task while getting shot at or potentially getting shot at.

Q:  So if you could play chess while getting shot at, you’d be the most heroic chess player?… I guess I could see that. Thanks for the interview, sir.

A:  Thanks for letting me know I’m about to be automated out of a job.


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