Call it the Seeger River

What did Pete Seeger do for fun while on the road away from his wife, serving this cause or that—no drinking, no smoking, no bars, and supposedly no women?

He could be a saint—did Pete Seeger perform any miracles?

Did his songs?

Rename the Hudson the Seeger.

Because who was better, really?

Someone else who was also white would have eventually found the Hudson River. Big deal. The Indians already had a pretty good idea it existed, since they lived there.

But it’s not clear that someone else inevitably would have written “If I Had a Hammer,” or set Ecclesiastes to music and added “turn turn turn.”

Being banned from TV was the ultimate 20th century version of martyrdom.

And resisting tobacco ad money was like resisting the Devil’s best temptations after 40 days and nights of deprivation.

What we really need is a muck-raking expose that brings this guy down to our level. Something bad, something really, really bad needs to be uncovered.

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