How Sex in Dreams is Better than Sex in Real Life

Unfortunately, I don’t dream about sex as often as I’d like.  All I seem to get to are some heavy make-outs and then a stupid distraction.  That Puritan ancestry on my mother’s side has really stunted my subconscious, but without the benefit of any so-called work ethic as compensation.

However, from the little “action” I’ve gotten, I’ve noticed something strange:  whereas sex in real life feels better physically than sex in dreams (no one over fifteen has wet dreams), dream-sex has a much longer-lasting psychological effect.

Real sex can put a smile on your face for several hours afterwards.  But sex in dreams puts a smile on your face the whole next day!

It seems that sex in dreams re-orders your entire subconscious in a way that real sex often does not.  Sometimes, real sex can border on being a non-event, psychologically speaking. Yet even the most jaded libertine or burnt-out sex-worker can’t help but smile uncontrollably over breakfast after a romantic tryst with the Sandman.

Therefore, if someone could invent a pill that would cause you to have sex in your dreams, or even increase the likelihood of having sex in your dreams, sales would exceed those of Viagra and Cialis combined.

Music-sixteenthnote.png  And the wor-rld will live as one Music-sixteenthnote.png  

1 thought on “How Sex in Dreams is Better than Sex in Real Life

  1. I haven’t been to the astral sex scene, but I’m trying. The only sex I’ve had, is real sex. Unfortunately, it’s been a few years, 😦 since I’ve had the real thing.

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