Retiring Pope Jokes

It’s too bad the Pope had to step down but the alternative would have been like Weekend at Bernie Dict’s.

But if he does rejuvenate, I hope he doesn’t try to pull a Putin-Medvedev thing.

Will he now just be called Mr. Ratzinger? Father Ratzinger? Father Benedict? His ex-Holiness? Benedictus Emeritus?

If he writes a book will it be fallible? How fallible could it get and still be ex-popey? Certainly not 50 shades of fallible.

I hope he’s not stepping down as a result of some Asian betting scam.

So the Pope got pranked by some Australian DJ’s–that’s no reason to quit.

A samurai Pope would have killed himself and not bothered us with all these questions.

What is the procedure if an active Pope ever becomes comatose for an extended period of time like Terry Shiavo? Then again, the Christian Broadcasting Network has managed just fine with Pat Robertson.

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