Dave Petraeus Jokes

So MoveOn was right:  We told you he’d betray us!

He slept with his own biographer–truly a tactical and strategic genius.

Is his biographer now going to write a sequel?
“He won the war. Then he fucked me. It was pretty good. The end.”

Something tells me there’s a sex tape somewhere, probably classified.
Porno version: CIAnal, The Four Star Fuck Force, Beneath the Green Desk, Biographize This!

Her excuse: you go to bed with the army you’ve got, not the army you would like to have.

A 60-year-old like Petraeus sleeping with a 40-year-old like Paula Broadwell is almost like a 40-year-old sleeping with a 20-year-old. Almost. Almost not at all.

Do we really want a person in charge of the CIA who can’t even keep an affair secret? Not even from those hacks at FBI?
We could do so much better with Arnold Schwarzenegger in charge of the Agency.

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