Mankind’s Strange Searches

Someone in the USA just found this blog using the search terms “image of an orgasm molecule”

I wish him well. Or her. Probably a him.

One small search for a curious perv, one giant leap in readership for this blog.

2 thoughts on “Mankind’s Strange Searches

  1. you know what will happen now? Next time someone searches for “image of an orgasm molecule”, this blog will be even higher in the search results, because you nave mentioned “image of an orgasm molecule” in the post and I have mentioned “image of an orgasm molecule” in the comment.

  2. You think there will be a next time?
    I don’t mind the accidental traffic… except for that one search someone made back in March using the search-terms “Alan Brech is an idiot”
    Actually, we’ll take them too, come on down!
    According to the deliberately deficient viewer-counter that wordpress provides for free (for $ you get a real stat counter I suppose), the only new people who ever find this blog are searching for “sex positions” and “fake pot.”
    And I always tell ’em, Mr. Nice Guy and 68.
    I owe you one.
    [very old joke sorry]

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