Thoughts on the Wrong Oil and Romney as Norm-Trooper Bully

Maybe if all high school bullies were excluded from future political office, the world would be a nicer place. Or better yet, let’s just beat up all the high school bullies!

Oh darn that slippery slope (fake laugh)…

next topic:  a new form of joke in which words are deleted from the set-up and then included or hinted at in the punchlines.

Neo-conservative fantasy:  there’s nothing wrong with business, capitalism, and massive non-renewable resource extraction except ____ ____ (two words deleted for effect).

Reality:   There’s nothing wrong with Arab Oil. Arab gas stations, however….

“I’m sorry you’re not the dashing, gallant Bedouin tribesman that your ancestors were–could I have a full tank of super, please?”

Iranian oil is also perfectly fine. With friendly gas stations.

© Alan Brech 2012

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