Monogamy is Holding Us Back (from Wasting Even More Time on Sex)

Sex is like food–no one food type (meat, vegetables, starches, fruit) is sufficient for a complete meal.
Therefore Islam is right–you get up to four spouses.

“But it’s gonna take at least five of these modern, wimpy, sports-escapist beer louts to satisfy this woman!”

“Sorry, under Feminislam® each person only gets up to four spouses. Men or women, doesn’t matter. It’s the “four-ness” we’re concerned about.”

“Mom, Dad, I’m getting married.”
“Oh we’re so proud and happy for you!”

“Mom, Dad, I’ve met a second spouse.”
“Oh we’re so proud!”

“Mom, Dad, I’m taking a third spouse. And a fourth. Both at the same time. Twins! It’s gonna be a wild honeymoon!”
“Oh we’re so proud–”
“–and jealous, congratulations!”

“Mom, Dad, I’m getting married to a fifth spouse next month.”
“You fucking pig!”
“You’re humiliating the whole family!”

(c) 2012, Alan Brech

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