The Changing Nature of Work: Life is Getting Better and Better!

20,000 years before the present:
“Hard day at work?”
“Mastodon took out a guy from our hunting party.”

4,000 years b.p.:
“Hard day at work?”
“The irrigation ditch keeps silting up and then we had to decapitate one of the water buffaloes after it went berserk.”

600 b.p.:
“Hard day at work?”
“This cathedral is a total bitch. ‘Can’t stand it anymore.”

60 b.p.:
“Hard day at work?”
“They told us we had to throw out our tools and buy new metric ones. We said fuck you. So we compromised–now we have a pair of expensive unwieldly toolkits to lug around–‘still better than just metric.”

the Present:
“Hard day at work?”
“Like you wouldn’t believe! I had to click a million buttons on my computer today, and I kept getting all these error messages–drives me crazy! ‘Makes me wanna tear someone’s head off!”

new definition of work: clicking more than two buttons per page, typing in which spelling matters, more than one numerical calculation, scrolling up, scrolling sideways, and, most hated of all, filling out a page you already filled out! Grrrrr!  😦

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